Short Stories & Book Project

Amber Eve is writing and publishing monthly short stories about her adventures as a traveling stripper on Patreon. A book featuring those stories and Amber's overall journey as a stripper is in the making. All short stories are written in English.

The Stripper's Perspective for jetztzeit.blog

In 2021, Amber has published several texts for Uni Basel's online blog. She gives insights into her work as a stripper, spills some secrets and gives answers to questions that you never dared to ask. All Texts are written in german: 

Auberginen-Emoji Alias Dick Pic (Juli 2022)
Make it Rain (Juni 2021)
Die Hure und die Heilige (April 2021)
What's Your Real Name? (März 2021)
"Aber... fühlst du dich nicht zum Objekt gemacht?" (Februar 2021)