A fiery dancer full of Passion, Joy and Flow - Amber Eve is dancing on the thin line between the Sinner and the Saint and reaches the audience with her heart, humor and femininity. Her performances will take you on a wild ride, into an exotic world full of desire, joy and fantasy. Amber Eve likes to make each of her shows special by creating costumes, acts and an atmosphere that inspire and enchant her different audiences.

After 15 years of dancing on ballet barres, Amber discovered her passion for stripping and pole dancing while traveling through New Zealand in 2015. She has since then taken the art of removing her clothes on stage to the next level and now performs burlesque and pole shows for various festivals and events in Switzerland and around the world.  As of 2019, she is also producing burlesque events in Switzerland. 

Aside from dancing on stages, Amber also educates the public on stripping through her standup
comedy, hosts events, runs her own podcast (Glitter & Cash) and teaches burlesque classes.

Amber Eve lives and works in Basel, Switzerland. She teaches workshops in burlesque, pole dance and sensual movement, after having finished her diploma in movement education with a special focus on burlesque and exotic dancing in June 2019. 


You can support Amber via Patreon, where she shares her collage artwork, short stories, more exclusive content and direct messages. Get to know the stories and person behind the glitz & glam, and lose yourself for a little while.
For a glimpse backstage and more frequent behind-the-scenes content, check out Amber's OnlyFans page! Subscribers of Patreon also get free access to OnlyFans - go check it out!


Published interviews, articles and more background to Amber Eve and the person behind the artist.

March2023: "Du kommst auf die Bühne und sprühst Funken"
Interview with Zürcher Studierendenzeitung about passion, authenticity and the magic of showbiz

March 2022: Podcast with The Bla Bla Bunker - The highly gifted kid that became a stripper
A deep talk with Amber about her journey as a stripper, feminism and falling in love at work

May 2021: Gefühls Echt - Podcast Episode
Podcast with Amber Eve about Stripping, Liberation, Eva and Lilith

October 2020: Mein Leben als Stripperin for blick.ch
Video about my performances, background and Interviews

October 2020: Article about Eva/Amber for BaslerZeitung
Interview & Background Info about my background and career path

November 2019: "Jagge" with Dabu Fantastic
Interview with the music artist Dabu about Strip Clubs, Jackets and what's underneath

January 2019: Talk about SURREAL & Burlesque for Creative Mornings
Performances and Talk by Amber Eve about Burlesque and what's real/surreal underneath

June 2018: Pole Dance am Greenfield Festival for SRF Virus
Video Interview about Amber's pole performance at a large swiss music festival

March 2017: Amber Eve tanzt dich scharf für Tageswoche
Interview with Tageswoche about Dancing and Performance Art