Do you want to learn how to sensually move your body and dazzle an audience with your performance as well? Do you want to connect with the wild and sexy You and step out of your comfort zone? Are you curious about moves on the pole or removing a stocking with grace and attitude? I got you, babe.
You can always book a workshop with me (in person, alone or with a group OR online)! I am teaching classes focusing on different things like:

- sensual movement
- burlesque and striptease
- fun burlesque workshops for bachelorette parties
- floorwork and stripper style movement
- lap dances
- pole dance & flow
- stage presence and confidence in front of an audience
- creating a performance and expressing your own style
- and whatever else you feel could learn from me!


at corpo Dance Studio, Basel, every other Sunday 11:30 - 12:45

In a relaxed and calm atmosphere, we get in touch with our soft and sensual side for an hour and just let it flow. Different exercises designed to connect with your own body and impulses will help you let go, break out of patterns and just move freely. We explore floor-based movement as well as elements that allow us to feel soft and sultry. No experience necessary, drop-ins welcome. More info here

AMBER EVE as a teacher

With a degree as a movement and dance teacher and years of experience on stage, I know how to make you feel comfortable in class and teach with a good mixture of humor and clear instructions. I have been teaching classes for over 5 years and am always happy to see people step out of their comfort zones, learn something new and go home with a good feeling!