Upcoming Shows

The next public shows are scheduled for September 2020! Stay tuned!

2.9.2020 Dr Sketchy at Parterre One, Basel
September 2020 COMIC STRIP (TBA) at The Lab, Basel
September 2020 Pole & Play (TBA) at The Lab, Basel

 Until then, you can support me via Patreon, where I offer pole classes, movement tutorials and access to my short stories, as well as more exclusive content, pictures, videos and livestreams. By contributing, you can help me stay creative and do what I am best at. Feel free to contact me for further information on how you can support me.


A Comedian and a Stripper walk into a Bar...

Produced by Comedy Basel and Amber Eve, we present to you the most exciting and sexiest mix of dirty jokes Basel has ever seen! Since October 2019, we sold out every one of our 3 shows! We plan to be back with our next production after summer, if all goes well. 

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