Upcoming Shows:

Currently, there are no public shows due to the COVID-19 restrictions. It is a tough time for performing arts and I am doing my best to let the show go on! That's why you can support me via Patreon, where I offer private online shows, more exclusive content and frequent updates, artwork of any kind, direct messages and facetime, access to my short stories, pictures, videos and livestreams. Yay! 

Click on the link for more info and sign up: www.patreon.com/ambereve


A Comedian and a Stripper walk into a Bar...

Produced by Comedy Basel and Amber Eve, we present to you the most exciting and sexiest mix of dirty jokes Basel has ever seen! Since October 2019, we sold out every one of our 3 shows! As soon as we get to produce shows again, we will plan our next big event!
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