11.1. - 18.1. STRIPTEASE: Hot Peppers, Prague (CZK)
14.11.2022 COMEDY: Velvet Comedy at Pracovna & Laskafe, Prague (CZK)
17.11.2022  COMEDY: Open Mic by Velvet Comedy at Ty Kavo, Prague (CZK)
18.11.2022 COMEDY: Velvet Tuesday by Velvet Comedy at Czech Inn Bar, Prague (CZK)
24.1.2022  COMEDY: Murder Mondays at Grenzwert Basel, 7:30 pm
29.1.2022  POLE/STRIPTEASE at LaPerla Bar Basel (CH)
27.1.2022  BURLESQUE/HOSTING: Cabaret Open Mic at Erster Stock, Münchenstein (CH)
31.1.2022  COMEDY: Murder Mondays at Grenzwert Basel, 7:30 pm

Also available for private events - like your next birthday, company dinner or even bachelor party! Use the contact box below to get in touch and discuss your ideas!


NEXT SHOW: February 2022, Basel CH

"Best Show EVER! Total blast!"
"One of the funest shows I've ever had the pleasure to be on!"
"On Fire!"

Comic Strip is the perfect combination of Burlesque and Comedy into a sexy, sparkly and incredibly hilarious show. Each time, we bring a different lineup with international talents of the comedy, burlesque and drag scene on stage that will make sure you'll have a blast! We also will give you COMIC STRIP DOLLARS so you can make it rain on the performers during the show! Since October 2019, we have made seven incredible shows happen (most of them sold out), with amazing feedback from a growing audience. Our next firework full of tits, giggles and strip dollars will be happening very soon! Follow us on Instagram and Facebook for more updates!