About Amber Eve 

A fiery dancer full of Passion, Joy and Flow - Amber Eve is dancing on the thin line between the Sinner and the Saint and reaches the audience with her heart, humor and femininity, creating a connection in the flow of each moment. Her performances invite you down the rabbithole into an exotic world full of desires, fantasies and dreams. Amber Eve likes to make each of her shows special by creating costumes, acts and an atmosphere that please and enchant her different audiences.

After 15 years of dancing on ballet barres, Amber discovered her passion for stripping and pole dancing while traveling through New Zealand in 2015. She has since then taken the art of removing her clothes on stage to the next level and now performs burlesque and pole shows for various festivals and events in Switzerland and around the world. Having started her journey in strip clubs, she occasionally returns to dancing on poles and laps in various venues and tries to educate society on the sex work industry through open talks, interviews and writings.

Amber Eve lives and works in Basel, Switzerland. She teaches reqular pole classes at Valkyrie Pole Studio and irregular workshops in burlesque and sensual movement, after having finished her diploma in movement education with a special focus on burlesque and exotic dancing in June 2019.



Can you be a stripper and still be a feminist? (english)
Performance & Talk about Burlesque, Surreal Worlds and Pointed Toes for Creative Mornings, January 2019

Pole Dance am Greenfield Festival - geht das? (german)
Video Beitrag von SRF Virus über Entertainment und Pole Dance am Greenfield Festival, June 2018

Darf man da hingucken? (german)
Interview mit der Basler Tageswoche über Eves Anfänge im Burlesque, Pole Dancing und warum es sich lohnt, zur nächsten Show zu kommen, April 2017

References - Past Shows

Sweetease Geneva (CH), September 2019
WonderMAD Paris (Headliner) (F),
April 2019
Nasty Burlesque Festival Treviso (IT),
May 2019 
Hamburg Burlesque Festival (D),
April 2019
Kinky Galore by Jan Ehret (D),
February and May 2019
Pink Paradise Paris (F), December 2018
Burlesque Freakout Amsterdam (NL),
October 2018
Flaneur Festival Basel (CH),
November 2018
Lindau B
urlesque Festival (D), October 2018
Como Lake Burlesque Festival (Winner 1st Runner Up) (IT), September 2018
Cabaret Bizarre (CH), April 2017 & December 2018
The Dirty Thirties (CH) at Bibliothek Bar Basel, 2017 - 2019

Greenfield Festival Interlaken (CH), June 2018 and 2019
Trucker & Country Festival Interlaken (CH), June 2018 and 2019
Sternen Openair Winterthur (CH), July 2018
Moulin Noir, Lucerne (CH), February 2018
Blood Meet, Aarburg (CH)February 2018
Gampel Openair Gampel (CH), August 2018
Coyote Ugly Winterthur (CH), 2018 - 2019