Need more flow and inspiration for your freestyle on and off the pole? You want to increase the fluidity of your movement and break free from patterns?
In spring 2020, I created a series of short "flow inputs" (2-7 minutes) to help you with this!

These exercises are designed to increase your body awareness, creativity and quality of movement on and off the pole (that means, it doesn't matter if you have a pole or not!). By focusing on a a specific guideline/task/limitation while moving, we open new ways for our body to explore, break out of patterns and eventually find new entries into our freestyle. Your body has its habits and routines - by forcing it to find new solutions, we expand our repertoire of motion and start dancing instead of thinking.

You can do any of these little exercises at home with and without a pole. Always try and move for the duration of one whole song without stopping. Especially if you feel stuck or bored, find a way to keep your body in motion and refocus on the task. There is no right or wrong! Use these inputs as a warm-up, as a daily routing (e.g. moving for 1 song per day) or as an inspiration to your own free flow.

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Let it flow!