Appreciate the magical Pu$$y

I recently taught a private stripdance lesson at my place. My student was a lovely woman, a little older than me, that had courageously decided to explore her sensual side with me and learn some stripper moves. During the workshop, we not only danced a lot, but worked on the mindset; the role of the strong female that knows what she wants and how she wants it. 
I was showing her a move where I was on the floor, with my weight on my right hand and knee and left foot. My hips were a little off the floor and I was circling and rotating my pelvis. "I call this move: This is my magical power pu$$y and you do not deserve it.", I heard myself say, and had to laugh, because it felt both so silly and so true. It felt like the perfect name for this move and the mindset I was trying to teach.

Maybe it sounds arrogant. Maybe it's a bit strong. But I think I am not the only one who can benefit from sporting this mindset a bit more often. How many times have I done something because I needed validation, the feeling of being accepted, desired? How many women go into bed with someone that does NOT appreciate the value of their magical bodies, their incredibly beautiful souls, their big and open hearts? 

My body does incredible things. It puts up with so much, and I am constantly putting it through challenges, keeping it from falling asleep, bending it into painful positions, making it sweat and work and function, put it into uncomfortable heels, jump into splits, wiggle it in front of more or less appreciative audiences. I sometimes forget how amazing it is that my body is not only working so hard to get me through life, it also is the source of joy, lust and deep wisdom. It tells me when to leave. Whom to trust. It's beautiful, and whoever can not see that does not deserve the magical powerpu$$y that is a part of it. 

That's all. Show your body some love today. And tomorrow. And then some more.